Not An Udder Cheese

Reviewing Vegan Meals at South Florida Restaurants.


What Is this Blog?

My reviews of vegan dishes at South Florida restaurants, both plant- and meat-centric ones.

Why This Blog?

I love food. Not just eating it (who doesn’t love that?), but cooking it, thinking about it, and talking about it. Most nights I am in the kitchen preparing dinner for myself and my wife, so when we do go out – usually about once or twice a week – it is a treat. The selection in South Florida, however, does not make it easy to eat out as a vegan. To be sure, the number of vegan or vegan-friendly restaurants only seems to be growing, but still, South Florida is a big, trafficky place, and who wants to drive an hour or more to go for dinner?

We (my wife and I) have lived in South Beach since 2011 and have tried many, many vegan options at restaurants throughout South Florida, with mixed results. We have had amazing meals at non-vegan restaurants, regrettable ones at vegan ones, and everything in-between. Googling “vegan restaurants near me” is an imperfect way to find places to eat out, as it misses places you should be going, and includes places you shouldn’t. Further, although numbers and data are my profession, no restaurant can be accurately summarized by a Yelp score. And so, with this blog, I hope to bring you a perspective on eating out in South Florida that, over time, you come to value.